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How to construct the underwater project of galvanized stone cage net
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Use the bank revetment built with stone cage net barbed wire, the first thing to solve the problem of wire too short life, in the water conservancy project construction in our country, gabion wire mesh or reinforced gabion mesh in temporary is relatively common in engineering application, however, has not been applied successfully in the permanent building precedent, its main reason is that the wire easy corrosion after contact with water, generally between 3 ~ 5 years service life, not life requirements of the permanent building water conservancy project.

To the use of gabion wire mesh technology in water conservancy project, in the first place to look for a kind of water under the action of oxidation corrosion of barbed wire and not use this kind of wire mesh cage in the process, the second is to make the wire with the original of the bank revetment built with stone cage net terrain by coordination, keep the original bank slope shape and nature of the vegetation, restore beautiful river natural scene.

River water for galvanized wire layer of corrosion is commonly a year 1 PM, be revetment design requirements for 30 years, the general galvanized iron wire because the galvanized layer is too thin, easy to oxidation in the water, heavy galvanized iron wire increases the galvanized layer thickness, can achieve the purpose of corrosion protection.


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