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Wire mesh fence Alias :Highway fence,Rail fence,Enclosure fence,Breeding fence

Fence is also known as the protection of the network, due to regional differences, the southerners used to call the fence, the North used to be called fence. Our fence is divided into: garden fence, rail fence, bridge fence, highway fence, sports fence, airport fence, and so on (the use of very wide). According to the type and divided into: frame fence, triangular bending fence, bilateral wire fence, double lap fence, wavy fence, stadium fence, razor wire - fence, barbed wire fence, PVC coated wire fence and so on (various types).

highway guardrail
As the most important transportation infrastructure, the highway of our country has been developed since 80s. It plays an important role in the development of national economy and society. Xiang Xiang highway guardrail network is an important maintenance and security facilities.
Railway guardrail
Rail fence is an important transportation infrastructure, security and practicality on the requirements of more stringent. The column is divided into galvanized steel pipe, peach shaped, dovetail column and C type steel mesh, divided into plastic coated steel wire mesh, PVC plastic coated welded wire mesh, chain link fence and steel mesh and mesh. The utility model is characterized in that the upright column and the frame are connected by a connecting piece, and the utility model can be directly connected with the upright post, the bolt connection and the connecting piece by a net sheet, and the angle can be adjusted arbitrarily.
Airport fence
Airport fence also known as "Y type safety protection net", is composed of V type support column, strengthen the welded mesh, safety and anti-theft connections and hot galvanized blade cage composition of strength and safety defensive level is very high. Is widely used in airports, military bases and other high security sites. Note: if the installation of blade barbed wire, razor barbed wire fence at the airport at the top after good enhances the security performance. The use of electroplating, hot plating, plastic, plastic and other anti-corrosion form, with a good anti-aging, anti sun, weather and other characteristics. Its beautiful product design, variety of colors, both to play a fence, but also play a role in landscaping. Because of the high safety and good anti climbing ability, the mesh connection mode adopts the special SBS fastening piece, which can effectively prevent the destructive demolition of human beings, and the transverse four bending stiffeners can effectively increase the net surface strength.
Municipal guardrail
The fence is widely used in municipal engineering, roads, factories, development zone, garden square of the place such as safety protection and decoration, the product appearance, firmness, good corrosion resistance, is the first choice of products to beautify the city environment engineering. The utility model is suitable for mass production, quick installation, less labor, beautiful structure and good coordination with environment.
Building net
Use: used in coal mine roof, tunnel, bridge construction, roadbed mesh reinforcement, construction site. Ordinary mesh for the construction industry for shuleshe sheet and partition net, is the ideal material for high-rise building model
Community fence
1 grid structure concise, beautiful and practical.
2 easy to transport, installation is not limited by terrain.
3 especially for the mountain slope multi bend zone is extremely strong adaptability.
4 medium low price, suitable for large area.
Prison guard net
Also called the prison fence or prison fence, is mainly used with razor wire and ordinary high strength protective net, by V support pillar, strengthen welding nets, safety anti-theft connector and razor wire. Razor wire is a new type of protective net, by the sharp angular galvanized steel or stainless steel sheet do the blade, steel wire core composed of protective equipment.
Shop isolation network
1, used to separate the work area of different stations, effectively improve the working environment, rational planning of the factory and work space;
2, modular components, easy disassembly and assembly, strong flexibility;
3, the column can be connected with the ground to tighten the screws to ensure safe use.

Product display
Gabion mesh can be made into trunks, mat, for protection against erosion of rivers, dams and seawall, reservoirs, river closure with cage.
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Welded wire mesh is made of high quality low carbon steel wire welding, and then cold plating (electroplating), hot plating, PVC coating, such as surface passivation, plastic processing.
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Most of the raw materials used for punching net are stainless steel, low carbon steel plate, galvanized PVC cold rolled coil, etc.. Make different shapes of holes on the material to suit different needs.
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Razor wire surface treatment: electric galvanized, hot galvanized, plastic, plastic. Blue, green, yellow and other colors. Use: used for isolation and protection of grassland border, railway and highway.
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The use of wire mesh screen to protect the appearance of stainless steel wire with electrostatic spray treatment has a high anti rust, anti damage ability, after inspection, anti hit hit capacity of 2.148 tons, shear, anti damage ability.
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The construction site elevator wellhead safety protection, side safety protection, is also widely used in the distribution of maintenance, electrical maintenance, renovation construction, transportation, the company set up the warning line and other places to stop
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Tensile steel mesh: such as stainless steel tensile mesh, aluminum stretch mesh, steel plate mesh that belongs to the steel wire mesh series, but also belongs to the tensile mesh series.
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Multi crimped wire mesh used in mining, coal plant, construction, petrochemical, construction machinery etc..
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Fence is widely used in China's highways, railways, highways, etc., can be made into a permanent network wall, but also can be used as a temporary isolation network, just use different column fixation can be achieved.
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The steel grid plate is an open type steel member which is carried out by the combination of the bearing steel bar and the transverse rod according to a certain distance, and is fixed by welding or pressing. Shipbuilding.
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