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Steel wire mesh, rolling net 0 Times 2017-08-07
  Steel wire mesh compositionMaterial: stainless steel wire with nickel, nickel free, 2 nickel, 4 nickel, 302, 304, 316, 304L, 316L 310, 310s, yellow copper wire, copper wire and other nonferrous wire.Application: used in construction, mining, coal min
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How to construct the underwater project of galvanized stone cage net 0 Times 2017-08-07
  Use the bank revetment built with stone cage net barbed wire, the first thing to solve the problem of wire too short life, in the water conservancy project construction in our country, gabion wire mesh or reinforced gabion mesh in temporary is relati
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Stealth security net, king kong net, bulletproof network 0 Times 2017-08-07
  A brief introduction to the products:Stealth, generally refers to the standard steel wire 5 cm spacing, single steel wire tension capacity of more than 110 n of barbed wire, also refers to using stainless steel king kong network instead of traditiona
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Characteristics and application of grid fabric 4 Times 2017-08-05
  In our life, also belong to a part of grid cloth, when we produce the grid cloth, for it's beautiful, want to add a layer of the outer packing in the outside, just add a little, can protect the stability of the grid cloth.The chemical stability o
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Problems that should be paid attention to 4 Times 2017-08-05
  The wire mesh of the wire is straight, and also has a wavy bend (also called Dutch net).According to the shape of the screen: wire mesh and welding mesh.It is widely used in industry, agriculture, construction, transportation, mining and other indust
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High carbon steel rolling net 2 Times 2017-08-05
  High carbon steel rolling net oil high carbon steel wire is prepared, high carbon steel wire is the carbon element accounts for the whole steel alloy more than two point three or more, the characteristic is strength, rigidity, not easy to deformThe l
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Razor wire mesh, new type of protective net 2 Times 2017-08-04
  Razor wire, is a new type of fence, with corrosion resistance of galvanized steel or stainless steel plate materials, twist plait and become because of gillnets distinctive touch not easily, strong, beautiful, excellent protection performance.Therefo
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Red paint steel mesh, stainless steel plate mesh, aluminum plate net 3 Times 2017-08-04
  Description: (main specification/special function)It is a coating of anti-rust paint (usually red) on the surface of the steel plate mesh to enhance the corrosion resistance of the steel plate networkAccording to hole classification: rhomboid, square
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Steel grid plate, galvanized steel grid plate 2 Times 2017-08-04
  The main body of the steel grid plate is composed of two or four symmetrical plates, and the center of the cover has a tree hole.It is mainly used to protect the soil erosion and beautify the environment in the trees of trees on both sides of the str
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Galvanized mesh is a kind of building net 6 Times 2017-08-03
  Galvanized mesh is a kind of building net.Selects the high quality iron wire, through the precision of automation machinery welding is made, after forming galvanized mesh (or hot dip plating), galvanized mesh is made of galvanized iron wire through t
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Louver barrier, noise barrier, partition wall 4 Times 2017-08-03
  The acoustic barrier has water resistance, heat resistance and ultraviolet radiation, and is not affected by climate or weather.Installation construction, improve work efficiency, shorten construction time, reduce project cost and other characteristi
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Use of stainless steel plate net 2 Times 2017-08-03
  Use of stainless steel plate netFor medicine, papermaking, filter, filter, cultivation, the battery with a net, packaging net, mechanical facilities protection, handicraft manufacturing, high-end speaker net, decoration, car seats, basket, basket and
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Factory fence, factory guardrail net, wire fence 3 Times 2017-08-02
  The factory fence often appears in different forms in our life, and has a very wide range of USES and connotations.Factory fence categories: industrial fence (such as the factory fence, commercial venues fence), agricultural fence (such as field fenc
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​King kong network 3 Times 2017-08-02
  King kong networkMaterial: 304, 316, 316L.Line diameter: 0.60mm, 0.70mm, 0.80mm. 0.90mm.Items: 10x10, 11x11, 12x12, 14x14.Standard size: 750mm by 2000mm 900mm x 2000mm x 2000mm * 2000mm x 2400mm x 2400mm x 2400mm x 2400mm.Surface treatment: black sub
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Gill nets, razor wire, razor wire, razor wire 3 Times 2017-08-02
  Gill nets, also known as razor wire, razor wire, razor wire, is a new type of protective net, barbed wire.Razor wire is beautiful, economical and practical, prevention effect is good, convenient construction and other excellent characteristics, at pr
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